Paragliding in Nepal

Trip Fact

Trip Duration 1 Day
Destination Nepal
Trip Grade Easy
Transportation Private Vehicle
Price US $ 110
Trip Style Tour
Best Season September to February
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Trip Highlights

  • Unique way to enjoy landscapes and series of towering mountains from sky
  • Experience life in air for around 40 minutes
  • Share sky with some unique birds of the country
  • experience mountains from possible close distance

To experience life in the air, paragliding tour in Pokhara is much-recommended adventure sports in Nepal. It is one of the youngest sporting events of the country that started in 2007 in Pokhara Lakeside. Experience of Paraglide gives you the sense of free-flying at best cost and time. The views of surrounding mountains from the sky, green forests, white clouds, and blue lakes will discover a contented individual in you.

Sarangkot in Pokhara is the paragliding destination from where the flight takes off. The spot is 1,592m from sea level. In this flight of 30-40 minutes, you will share the sky with vultures, eagles, and kites. It is an ecstatic feeling to see villages, temples, and lakes from the sky. Moreover, you will enjoy a series of towering mountains namely Mt. Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Lamjung Himal, Annapurna, and Himchuli. Finally, you safely land in Lakeside. Moreover, we also offer flights in Bandipur which is a Newar town located between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Here, you can stop and enjoy the beauty of nature, temples, caves, art, culture, and architecture.

Tandem Flights in Nepal, Pokhara (Sarangkot Hill)

Tandem flight is the flying adventure that involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both pilot and passenger have their own harnesses that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are made up for comfort and safety of the adventurers which are attached to the seat that feels more like an armchair. After take-off, the passenger just sits back and enjoys the beautiful views of Himalayas, rivers, lakes, and landscape. Pictures and video capture can also be done which is not a problem as well. It is very portable that it can be taken anywhere and can fly from any of the mountains. Taking this type of flights with Nepal Trek Adventure will be more beneficial for you as it provides a reasonable offer with two types of flights.

Paragliding Tour Type 01- Cloud Buster

In this type of flight, we take off from Sarangkot and fly above the valley receiving the breath-taking view of ridges of trees, beautiful villages and also people shouting from below looking at you with wonder as you are the Birdman flying and circling over them. We return back from the flight gliding over the lake and return back to our main office in Lakeside via jeep. 

Paragliding Tour Type 02- Cross Country

This flight allows you to get an adventurous experience of the exploration side of flying. Each day is a different day so routes can be changed accordingly and provide a slightly different condition. There is the possibility of flying along the long ridge leading down the valley past Fewa Lake, prostate with the Annapurna range to your right. Other days we cross the valley and soar directly at these stunning 6,000 m + peaks. We will return to land near the lake where transport will be waiting to take us back to our office in Lakeside.

Paragliding Tour Cost For All Citizen with Photo & Video

Flight Type         Flight          Duration                     Cost               
     Cloud Buster (Regular Flight)             30 Minute $ 70
Cross Country 60 Minute $ 110

Performing this type of adventurous activity does not need any kind of experience but guts are needed for sure. There is no age limit as well. People of any age can enjoy this sport. But kids and elderly people are recommended not to try because of the safety factor. Windproof jackets and sturdy shoes are required for this sport to prevent getting caught from cold and other factors. We also have set our weight limit at 100 kg for your safety. We provide you the best and well-experienced pilots (both national and international) to make your flight more interesting and ensure your safety.

Departure Date and Best Times

  • We everyday departure throughout the year
  • 9 am (clear view of Himalayas can be observed)
  • 11 am (best time for super XC)
  • 1 pm (best time for XC)

Where and how to meet the Team

As mentioned above, you can do the bookings two or three days before your trip. As Pokhara is the best destination for paragliding, you must have to be in Pokhara before a day. For your comfort, transportation service is also provided to take advantage of which you can simply contact us at +9779801017030 (Binod Sapkota). For this, you have to make us known about the hotel where you are staying in Pokhara and room number along with your contact number. The vehicle will be provided to you in order to reach the place from where you start your adventure with this sport and return back to the hotel.

Note- It is highly recommended to book the package at least 1 or 2 days before the day of flight in order to avoid the disappointment that can occur while going directly to the spot for enjoying this sport. The best time for the event is September to February. You do not need any experience for paragliding as our instructor/pilot will give you detail briefing before the glide.

Rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews
  • Arial Paragliding Experience

    Arial Paragliding Experience


    A friend of mine recommended contacting Nepal Trek Adventure because I wanted to do some adventure in Nepal. Till now I was roaming alone in Kathmandu valley. I never trusted unknown companies but then I decided to trust my friend's suggestion. Then I contacted the manager and told him everything. The manger was too friendly that he immediately picked me from the place and take to the office where we discussed the adventure trip. He immediately helped me out for the trip understanding and booking. The next day we reached our destination, Pokhara and waited for a few minutes. Then I got in the Paragliding flight. They got me roped and tighten my belts and let me to the air. I completed this paragliding flight so effortlessly. The whole flight was exceptional. We flew with birds, breezes and the clouds. We saw people beneath us and shouted 'hello' a lot with excitement. From the top, the overall view of the mountains, clouds, green forests, etc was eye-catching. I am truly satisfied with the NTA team and their arrangements, not only the glide but also for hotels, food, guide and so on. They are an outstanding company and their hospitality will make you want to contact again and again. Everything about them is perfect. They will organize everything as per your need you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Thank you NTA, I will surely recommend others to join your team.

  • Memorable Gliding Experience in Pokhara

    Memorable Gliding Experience in Pokhara


    I and my friend heard a lot about paragliding in Nepal. So we decided to do it with the help of Nepal Trek Adventure so contacted them and informed them about it the day before the ride. They had always been like family to us. We have done a lot of journeys together so we prefer Nepal trek adventure than other traveling companies. They are very comforting and cooperative. They have always done their work perfectly. Anyways, after contacting them, the next day we headed toward our destination i.e. Pokhara. They had already booked the hotels, food, and overall necessities for us, even in the busy schedule. They never get tired to amaze us. After reaching there, the instructor gave us some information and we got in the glide. We accomplished the trip so smoothly and incredibly. The view from the top was stunning. We saw mountains, green forests, and the white cloud. It made us feel like we were in a different world. You will be able to share air space with eagle, crows, kites, and clouds. Trusts me, Paragliding will make you feel like a free bird. Thank you, Nepal Trek Adventure for everything that you did for us.  You have always supported us for everything and comforted us in every journey. You truly are a blessing. I highly recommend others to contact NTA for their trip. Hats off!

  • Remarkable organization of Paragliding in Nepal

    Remarkable organization of Paragliding in Nepal


    Nepal and Nepal tour with Nepal Trek Adventure, WOW. You guys may find it different, right? But wait a second. Let me clear your thought. You may find it different but when you will have a journey in Nepal with Nepal Trek Adventure (NTA), you will find the similarities. You will think both the same. The beauty of Nepal and the serenity of Nepal Trek Adventure is likewise equivalent. I ensured paragliding trip with Pokhara tour with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. Hence I got a beautifully natural and artistic experience of my lifetime. And yeah, I got a brother from another mother, Binod. We enjoyed the trip a lot. I did not feel like I was in a foreign country at all. The nature of Binod and the bond between us were so sparkling that I felt like home. Truly Binod, you are amazing. I promise I will come back to you and your team for further trips and tours in Nepal. Hope to see you soon. Au revoir!

  • Adventurous Paragliding Trip in Pokhara

    Adventurous Paragliding Trip in Pokhara


    I did paragliding in Pokhara, the lake city of Nepal with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition (NTA). The trip they organized was awesome. I reached Kathmandu. They let me freshen-up and make myself comfortable. I landed Nepal early in the morning, so the same day we had decided to go to Pokhara. After me being fresh, we moved towards the lake city, Pokhara. We reached Pokhara at about 4 pm. We landed at the hotel got freshen-up again and move further to enjoy the view of lakes and other attractions. Next day, we moved to Sarangkot. From there, we got into the paragliding flight and accomplished the flight. The view I got was awesome. The crowd was at its maximum number. I got amazed by the fact that how Binod organized this trip in such a busy schedule. Wow man, appreciate your work. I took lots of pictures and memories of Nepal. It was a very nice and adorable experience that you offered me, guys. God Bless You and Namaste!!!

  • Awesome Experience of Paragliding in Nepal
    United States

    Awesome Experience of Paragliding in Nepal


    This is my second trip to Nepal. And if the situation and circumstances remain on my side, it will of course not be the last one. I will visit Nepal for more and more number of times. Binod, Ram, and Radj has become like the family to me at this point and forever. This is the feeling that you get from the service and obliging nature of Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. I have traveled to Nepal alone and have never felt unsafe and cheated anyway. The team will make you feel so comfortable that you will never feel pissed off, ripped off and cheated. You will not regret this decision though. For buying pashminas, blankets, and sweaters, I recommend you to go to A.K. Imports. People out there are so kind and humble that I get amazed by their loyalty and calmness. The experience that you would famine to acquire from a stopover to Nepal will be exaggerated 10 times more with this firm. The blue sky is the bound, accurately for what Binod and his squad can place together for your correspondences. I have done paragliding over fish ranches and rice patties warmed the hometown of Buddha, consumed an isolated day of consideration deep in the Himalayas, remained on off the beaten track, and have window-shopped until I released in the native highways gleamed with belongings beyond your roughest imaginings! Enjoy Nepal in the right approach with Nepal Trek Adventures and Expedition and make life happier.

  • Performing paragliding type of adventurous activity does not need any kind of experience but guts are needed for sure. There is no age limit as well. People of any age can enjoy this sport. But kids and elderly people are recommended not to try because of the safety factor.
  • The best time for the event is October through April.
  • You do not need any experience for paragliding as our instructor/pilot will give you detail briefing before the glide.
  • Windproof jackets and sturdy shoes are required for this sport to prevent getting caught from cold and other factors.
  • The weight limit set for this flight is 100 kg (it is marked for your own safety).
  • We provide you the best and well-experienced pilots (both national and international) to make your flight more interesting and ensure your safety. But it is up to you and your polite behavior also that matters a lot for a safe and a sound flight.
  • Clothing basics involve tracksuit, shirt, and sweater, underwear, jacket, glove, socks, raincoat, and so on (clothes should be carried according to the prevailing weather condition of Nepal - Pokhara).
  • Other necessities include sunhat, sunscreen, personal first aid kit, plastic bags, duffle bag, daypack, sunglasses, wallet and/or money belt, water bottle, Nepali Calendar, camera, umbrella, binoculars, pen, diary, pencil or pen, rubber band, pocket knife, map, and so on.

Departure Details

These are the fixed departure dates scheduled for the paragliding in Nepal for regular flights of 30 minutes with a fixed but cheaper price in Nepal. Choosing from these dates can be your ideal choice, but if you want to book for the different dates and extra services; also cross country paragliding flight (of 1 hour), then customize your adventurous journey through Customize Booking Section. We offer booking dates for the year 2022, 2023 and 2024. Make a choice with the dates, and hence select the most likely one.

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