Manaslu Helicopter Tour

Trip Fact

Trip Duration 1 Days
Destination Nepal
Trip Grade Easy
Transportation By Air/Vehicle
Price US $ 3500
Trip Style Tour
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Trip Highlights

  • 100 % Full Refund guarantee if no flight made due to bad weather
  • Inclusive with Helicopter Fuel Surcharge
  • No Hidden Charge
  • Full Packages trip with Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Easy and secured Online Booking system
  • Lovely perspectives on the Himalayas
  • Short helicopter visit to Gorkha region offers you an extraordinary opportunity to investigate the local culture of the incredible landscape
  • Spellbinding Manaslu glacier
  • View of Scorching cascades, springs
  • Endangered species with lavish valley
  • Pristine culture and customs with Buddhist cloisters view
  • Packages are modified according to the needs and demands of customers

Manaslu helicopter tour is an exotic helicopter tour that provides a chance to explore the geographical territories of Nepal. Manaslu Helicopter day tour is specially designed for those individuals who are bounded with time. Manaslu (8,156 meters/679 feet), the eighth-most elevated mountain in the world arranged in the Gorkha area toward the west of the Kathmandu valley is also called the "killer mountain".

A helicopter tour to this region is one of at ease and shortest tour as it takes extreme 5 hours, exceptionally planned for those trekkers who can't take long trekking yet wants to feel the beaming view of Mt. Manaslu (8,188 meters/26,864 feet). Mount Manaslu is the eighth most elevated mountain, situated in the Gorkha locale towards the west of Kathmandu valley. Mount Manaslu Helicopter tour starts from Tribhuvan International airport at Kathmandu and heads to Gorkha.

 While on the Manaslu helicopter tour, you can appreciate the green vegetation and fantastic all-encompassing perspectives on the northern Himalayan range like Langtang (7,246 meters/23,772 feet), and Ganesh Himal (7,406 meters/24,297 feet). You will fly over cascades, streams, backwoods, regular natural aquifers, sacred lakes, and yards all during your helicopter tour. Also, delightful Mount Manaslu, the astounding natural life of this region including many endangered species like musk deer, jackal, spotted deer, the panther is just another cherry on top.

Here, on the lavishing stopover, Samagaun, we can observe the remote but pristine settlements of the local people (Rai, Gurung, Tamang, and Sherpa) and their everyday ways of life, cultures, customs, and traditions. Also, the sight of lovely Buddhist cloisters and Stupas is charming.

Nepal Trek Adventure and Expeditions has designed this Helicopter Tour to the Manaslu region for voyagers who need to observe the vast majority of the Manaslu regions in a short measure of time. Hence, this helicopter tour is perfect for individuals who are time bounded and who are physically unfit to do the trek yet want to appreciate the heavenly perspectives on the mountains from a nearby location. We will make your Nepal Manaslu Helicopter tour amazing.

Note: We provide Helicopter tours throughout the year. We operate a helicopter for: pilgrimage tours, mountain rescues, Best Himalayan views and good delivers quick and simple way consistently. We are continually giving the best value, information, and video of the excursion.

Manaslu helicopter tour Itinerary

Step 1

Drive from hotel to airport.

After breakfast in the early morning, our guide will transfer you from the hotel to Tribhuvan International Airport. After reaching the airport, the trip administrator will give you instructions about the flight. Listen carefully to instructions and follow them cautiously throughout the helicopter tour. Approximately at 6.30 in the morning, we will fly from TIA to Samagaun.

Step 2

Fly from Kathmandu to Samagaun/Barpak, have breakfast and explore around.

Now, we will fly to Samagaun, there will have lip-smacking breakfast then we will explore the lovely and all-encompassing views on the Himalayas of northern range like Langtang (7246 m\23772 ft.), Ganesh Himal (7406 m\24297 ft.) and many more.

Step 3

Fly from Samagaun to Manaslu Base Camp and explore.

After exploring Samagaun we will fly to Manaslu Base Camp from where we can have a closer view of Mt. Manaslu (8188 m\26864 ft.). Moreover, you can get a great view of the sizzling glacier and Budi Gandaki Gorge.

Step 4

Fly from Manaslu Base Camp to Kathmandu.

After exploring around with the great view of Mt. Manaslu, we will fly back to Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport.

Step 5

Arrive at Kathmandu Airport and transfer to hotel.

After arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, our guide will drop you off in your hotel.

After the Manaslu helicopter day tour, if you want to explore Kathmandu valley or other different cities or tourist spots, then you can consult with us, and we will prepare/suggest itineraries for you.

Cost Includes

  • All land transportation from the hotel to airport and from airport to hotel
  • Helicopter flight
  • All payable tax and service charges
  • Breakfast or Lunch at Samagaun/ Barpak (Depends on the time and destination of flight)
  • Permit for the national park

Cost Excludes

  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips and gratitude for Tour Staffs
  • Optional trips for activates and touring if extended
  • Altitude Chamber (PAC) or oxygen
  • Additional night accommodation in Kathmandu due to an unexpected arrival, late flight, and early come back from the tour (because of any reason) than the booked itinerary.
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  • Helicopter Tour to Manaslu with Nepal Trek and my husband

    Helicopter Tour to Manaslu with Nepal Trek and my husband


    Last week, I got married. I was so happy and I am right now. My happiness doubled when my best friend gifted us a trip. A trip, guys! A trip to Nepal! She had planned a helicopter tour to the Himalayas and a sightseeing tour around the capital city, Kathmandu. Right now, I am in my Kathmandu Hotel, and writing this. Thank you so much, baby, for this amazing trip package. I and my husband enjoyed every moment in Nepal. While on a helicopter tour, we observed various mountains, green forests, colorful hills, rivers and ponds at some places, and more. Those settlements of people sighted as a red-ant from the top were funny though. I enjoyed this helicopter tour to the Manaslu region a lot. Everything was awesome. We played with snow, dipped legs on the river, water was at its coolest level though, but that was ok. Also, thank you, Prakash, for letting us know about the region so perfectly. We appreciate it all. Thank you Binod, thank you Prakash, and thank you to all who were on our side to make our trip so amazing and memorable! Kudos and highly recommended, both the company and the Manaslu Helicopter Tour!

  • Unexpected Heli Ride to Manaslu

    Unexpected Heli Ride to Manaslu


    I arrived in Nepal with my playmate for a trekking investigation to Everest Base Camp. But since of some climatic reasons and clarifications, we were not ready to play out that experience to Everest. We both are encounter hulks, in this manner to cover our time in Nepal, we finished the Manaslu Helicopter Tour. Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition was the organization we joined with. They sorted out everything for us, so there was not more to stress over, by us. They helped us with everything possible, to make our chopper excursion dynamically skilled and profitable. Furthermore, without a doubt, it went the manner in which it was thought. They filled the adventure with a ton of fun and basic memories. Especially, thank you so much, Binod. Being a proprietor had transformed you with nothing, by any stretch of the imagination. You are such a decent and certified individual I have ever met. Thumbs and caps off for you, fella. Especially, thank you such a great amount of, Krishna, for such a lot of help and help to find out about Manaslu Himalayan Lap. Those mountain ranges and sparkling pinnacles, woodlands, thus quite a bit of tropical bases were absolutely bravura. Our heli trip to the wonderful Manaslu Region of Nepal was impressive more impeccable than we anytime expected of. Most obliged to all of you who contributed to this chopper trip with magnificent organizations and affiliation!

  • My Latest Visit in Nepal with Manaslu Helicopter Flight

    My Latest Visit in Nepal with Manaslu Helicopter Flight


    In March 2019, I was in Nepal for my trip and my associates proposed me for a trek. I was not on the side of trekking in this way, I recommended a helicopter visit. They concurred. I visited extensive trekking workplaces for 2 days. In any case, I was not satisfied considering the way that all workplaces were simply explaining about themselves. At last, I got alluring information about Nepal Trek Adventure from the web, I checked the site and there were all definitive chronicles of the association. The day after I visited Binod and I booked Manaslu Helicopter Tour with them. Due to his master transmit, I got a chance to observe a lot of characteristics, noteworthy and imaginative display from that point. Freed to Kathmandu Airport and flew again and again to Manaslu, breathed in the regular sniff and flew back with bunches of recollections inside. This Heli ride to Manaslu was similarly as it was referenced in the schedule and exact portrayal. My guide Shiva was so friendly and instructive who reacted to all of my requests and questions. I didn't feel pooped or stifled for a second in perspective on his most astute nature. By flying with their gathering, you will never sense regret. Remarkably anticipated!

  • Lifetime memory on Manaslu Helicopter Tour

    Lifetime memory on Manaslu Helicopter Tour


    I constantly needed to take my closest companion to some lovely place and propose her. So I think why not in Nepal. It is renowned for its both common and masterful magnificence. For this reason, I get associated with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. I got their contact after a touch of research. I informed them regarding my arrangement and they indicated enthusiasm for that. I got energized after that. I imparted my entire arrangement to them, that how and where I needed to propose my bestie. I can't say thanks to them enough though the help and couldn't care less. We took the helicopter flight, came to Manaslu locale, and did everything according to design. Everything worked out in a good way. The perspectives from the top were strengthening that added to making this time progressively delightful and commemoration. I might want to thank everybody in the group of Nepal Trek Adventure, however unique gratitude to the proprietor, Binod Sapkota who masterminded everything so flawlessly and ensured that this minute turns into 'a common couply minute' for us. I genuinely value the manner in which you contributed toward this remarkable memory of our own! We will prescribe this trekking organization to everybody since you folks are a great coordinator in Nepal. Revere your work!

  • Manaslu Helicopter Tour in Nepal
    United States

    Manaslu Helicopter Tour in Nepal


    Well, my voyage to Manaslu Nepal started with just a hit on a song. Let me tell you all about it. Back in my country, while I was listening to songs on the internet, there popped a song on the recommendation list. It played automatically though, and yeah I love to listen to Nepali songs. They are cool and rhythms and chorus are unique. Song started playing; I found it interesting and watched the video. Oh my god! This is what my reaction came out of my mind. The video was amazing. I looked over the description and comment sections and discovered that this video was shot on Mount Manaslu territory. Immediately, I decided to go there. Coincidently, my project vacation was going to start a week later. I booked the ticket, packed my bag and reached Nepal for experiencing this Himalayan significance. I had booked a helicopter tour to Manaslu Region via Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition. We boarded and reached on the destination. All the natural set-ups were just wow. I adored them a lot. Truly, what I saw in the video was just some instance of the beauty I viewed face to face. Everything was so appealing that I had no words to explain that. Maybe, it was beyond my limit of imagination. Truly amazing! And yeah, thank you so much, Nepal trek Adventure for fulfilling my aspiration to have a tour there and filling it will lot more of ecstasy and tranquility.

  • Best Helicopter Tour Deal to Manaslu
    United States

    Best Helicopter Tour Deal to Manaslu


    Thankful to you Nepal Trek Adventure for such a surprising chopper outing to Manaslu Himalayas from Kathmandu. In perspective on your trip plan and the board, I had the alternative to advocate both trekking and helicopter ride at the same event in Nepal. At the time, I did Mardi Trekking and Manaslu Helicopter Tour. Binod, I just valued the way wherein you carried on with me and made this trip so inconceivably. I could generally recall those days in Nepal for my life and will for each situation prop up on with my photographs and chronicles. All of you are so dazzling. My guide cum buddy, Rajan was the best ever singular I have ever met in this field of the travel business and neighborliness. Your reassurance and silly jokes were in like-way the get-going of my Nepal Visit. Truly evident! I will doubtlessly return back to Nepal and point with all of you.

  • Extra-ordinary Flying Experience with Manaslu Chopper Ride

    Extra-ordinary Flying Experience with Manaslu Chopper Ride


    The best 360-degree display in the flying practice to Manaslu was the best experience at any point got in a lifetime. I was with the best grasp and outstanding amongst other trekking goals on the planet. I had a magnificent contribution in Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition Team. Their organizations were so brisk and reliable. I finally found a solid association in Nepal whom I can rely upon for any visit to the nation. In a really reasonable worth, NTA gave phenomenal assistance without any issues. The tor was so unwinding and capable of satisfying every one of the fantasies of nature. I prescribe this helicopter visit to the total of my mates and I furthermore propose Nepal Trek Adventures for their comfort. The astounding ways stacked up with the points of view around us were enveloped by the high stores and greenery of Nepal. Everything was deserving of for the striking vista we experienced with. Cheers to Nepal Trek Adventure and the team members.  

Meals During Manaslu Helicopter Tour

Meal provided by us may differ according to the choice of your flight time. If you choose the flight in the morning then we will provide you breakfast and if the flight schedule is in afternoon then lunch. It would be ideal if you realize that the Manaslu region does not have well-established tourist infrastructure as like as Annapurna or Everest region (and this is the main beauty of this area). For example, varieties of dishes won't be accessible or possible on the menu. We mainly eat Tibetan bread, dal bhat, tsampa porridge, fried potato, and other basic local natural nourishments.

Accommodation During Manaslu Helicopter Tour

Manaslu helicopter day tour starts and ends in a single day so we don’t have the option of accommodation in the itinerary. If you want to have further tour associated with us before or after Manaslu helicopter tour, then we can organize itinerary and linked accommodation according to your time and destination.

Equipment for Manaslu Helicopter Tour

We recommend you to pack only the important things. Here is given the list of equipment which is mostly preferred on Manaslu Helicopter Tour and they are Down jacket, Trouser T-shirt, Lightweight bag, Sunglass, gloves, Suns cream, Warm socks, Windproof jacket, Camera, and binoculars. 

You can also check the backpacking checklist on our travel resources section for further detail about packing while trekking in Nepal.

Safety for Manaslu Helicopter Tour

Safety is our first need; our group puts the best effort to reduce the risk. We deal with any emergency that may happen within. Medical aid pack, oxygen bag and eventually emergency rescue are constantly ready in case of emergency.

Some Safety Tips for Helicopter Flight

  • Wear your seat belt carefully and tightly
  • Don’t stand or change the seat once helicopter takeoff
  • Don’t drink or smoke in the flight
  • Don’t toss anything from the window amid of flight
  • Don’t rush while getting in and out of the helicopter
  • Listen to administrator’s instructions carefully and follow them cautiously
  • Don’t take out head and hands from the window

Necessary Document for Arrival in Kathmandu

  • A valid Passport
  • Passport size photos for trekking permits
  • Copy of Travel insurance
  • Flight tickets
  • Emergency contact numbers of family, friends, or other closed ones

Visa fees are:

US$ 25/40/100 for 15 days/30 days/90 days multiple entries that are collectible solely in USD money

Weather During Manaslu Helicopter Tour

We can't predict the atmospheric condition in the mountain region; climatic pattern continues changing through the day. Evenings are freezing and days are higher primarily trekking in Nepal we will, in general, prescribe during March-May and September-Gregorian calendar month. March – that is spring season is much advised, the climate is perfect and good, we will see blooms like shrubs and a lot of Beside mountain chain Kingdom of Nepal trek invites you anytime. The view is clear from Helicopter and can be operated even in bad weather condition. For Helicopter tour every season is preferable but helicopter operated for tours are limited in Nepal and they are also operated seasonally.

Proposal for Tours Just Previously or After the Manaslu Helicopter Tour.

We recommend you the supplementary tours just previously or after the Manaslu helicopter tour. This tour essentially lasts for a couple of days to chill out and hop around the city to get a closer look towards the way of life and culture of Nepal. You can also experience some adventurous activities. All the following packages contain the social show which is exciting and noteworthy.

  • Kathmandu City Tour
  • Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Lumbini Tour
  • Nagarkot Chisapani hiking
  • Ghorepani Poonhill Trek
  • Trek around Kathmandu Valley
  • Jungle Safari
  • Rafting
  • Caving
  • Mountain Biking

If you want to have another helicopter tour then we organize other helicopter tour package as your time and plan. On the off chance that you need more time, we can arrange a day tour or multi-day tour too.

Notes: Costs may incline to change in Itinerary. So costs will be recalculated if the trekking/visits days gets changed.

Price From $ 3500 USD
Best Price Guaranteed