EBC to KTM Heli Pickup and Drop Off Service

Trip Fact

Trip Duration 1 Day
Destination Nepal
Trip Grade Easy
Transportation By Helicopter
Price US $ 2000
Trip Style Tour
Meals None
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Trip Highlights

  • Avoidance of long check-ins and formalities
  • As the helicopter will accommodate 5 people at a time, you will have a more comfortable and relaxing ride
  • Experience flying over high mountains, mountain valley and city areas
  • No worries of flights getting canceled
  • Last minute booking service
  • Secure and the reliable online booking system
  • Operated even in bad weather

Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu Helicopter Pickup and Drop off service takes you straight away from the base camp to Kathmandu. In this helicopter tour, you will be heading from the height of 5380 meters to 1440 meters. These are the heights of Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is about 138 km away from Everest Base Camp and it will take about 50 to 60 minutes to reach there by helicopter. This flight will deliver you the upside-down glimpse of Himalayan and Hilly region of Nepal, including the different high peaks and mountain ranges, greenery hills, small cascades, lakes, and small ponds, human settlement, seriatim vehicles, and so forth. This flight rectifies the trekking burden from the head as you will fly directly to the domestic terminal from the mountains.

Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Pickup and Drop off service

 Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Pickup and Drop off service is also available in order to take you directly to the Everest Base Camp, and let you able to observe beautiful Himalayan and overall landscape view. If anyone wants to save trekking time then you can fly directly to the base camp and have a mesmerizing view of every mountain aspects that you ought to visit. The city and Himalayan area view are also much more momentous. As a returning phenomenon, you can reach EBC via helicopter pickup service and then descend back either by trekking or by same helicopter drop off service.

Lukla is also an equivalent option. Which means you can have helicopter ride service from and to Lukla too. It will take around 50 minutes to reach Everest Base Camp from Lukla or from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. Within this tour too, the major center of attraction remains Mount Everest and other surrounding mountains. Furthermore, Lukla as Kathmandu's alternative, you can have helicopter ride from there to Everest Base Camp and explore around the area. Or, return back to Lukla and explore the Sherpa and Tibetan culture, houses, ancient house and rare habitat residing in Lukla.

With this helicopter service, you can perform the following activities:

  • Return back to Kathmandu after having the trekking experience till the base camp.
  • Fly from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and explore the area, and trek all the way long to Lukla and then to Kathmandu.
  • Lukla is also the shelter point for the helicopter; so pick up and drop from Lukla to EBC and EBC to Lukla is also accessible.

NOTE: Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition delivers both Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu helicopter pickup and drop-off services.

Likewise, Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition offers both Lukla to Everest Base Camp and Everest Base Camp to Lukla helicopter pickup and drop-off services.

RESCUE NOTE: NTA offers helicopter rescue and evacuation services in an emergency case. We will be available for your service within a few minutes of the conformist of your call.

All these services are provided at a minimum and reasonable cost and effort. Furthermore, you can catch the flight from Kathmandu to EBC, explore around and return back. For this option, you can also go through the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour itinerary for more detailing. To know more about it, you can check on the link mentioned as follows: Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Trip Details

  • Flight Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes with landing (to and from Kathmandu)
  • Flight Duration: 50 minutes with landing (to and from Lukla)
  • Group Size: 3 people maximum in one pickup from EBC + extra $700 if you are 5 people in a group
  • Weight allowance: 400 kilograms + luggage
  • Minimum altitude: 1,400 meters
  • Maximum altitude: 5,380 meters
  • Private Helicopter Cost: $ 4500 for one pick up from EBC
  • Extra Cost: $ 700 extra for every extra pick up (This condition is applied for a group of 4 to 5 people)
  • Group Joining Helicopter Cost: $ 2000 Per Person 
  • Operated helicopters: AS 350 B3e "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3+ "Ecureuil" and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter

Major Attractions of Kathmandu to EBC Helicopter

  • Mountains viewed – Mount Everest (8848m), Nuptse (7861m), Changtse (7543m), Pumori (7138), Chumbu (6859), Lingtren (6749), Khumbutse (6665)
  • Local settlements, bazaar, museum, and the encounter with native cultures and traditions
  • Chortens, monasteries, rivers, cascades and snowy landscapes
  • Himalayan glacier such as Khumbu glacier
  • City settlements, huge and small houses, and banking rivers
  • Animals’ rearing and much Himalayan flora and fauna
  • No. of hotels and lodges: NIL

Quick Contact for Booking

Nepal Mobile +977 9851017030 24 Hrs Available on WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat

Contact Person - Binod Sapkota/Call us direct on USA/Canada Mobile 24 Hrs +1 210 390 9390

Group Joining Helicopter Flights

Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition gives its administration of helicopter pick and drops off administration from Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu and the other way around in both gatherings joining premise and private premise. While investigating the gathering joining premise, in the event that you are single, two-part harmony or trio in numbers, at that point you can work together with other gathering individuals and join the group. It will be both regulative and savvy. Doing this will make your helicopter flight increasingly guaranteed and solid. There will be no need for extra customs and weights with gathering joining helicopter flight. However, inside this flight need, once in a while you may need to hang tight for quite a while to have the helicopter loaded up with most 5 pax as well.

Private helicopter Flights

Gathering joining may be simpler yet private helicopter flights additionally have their very own place in the market. Private helicopter pickup and drop off permits in moving noticeable all around with just the general population who are your precious ones. With this private flight, you will almost certainly watch the significant attractions of better places appropriately from up. The cost of this flight is costlier than the gathering joining the flight, however, the outing will be commendable one after you get remunerated with the lovely characteristic situation.

In the event that you take a private helicopter flight, you won't need to confront any futile flight delays on account of advantageous new individuals. Consequently, you will have better and guaranteed information about better places seen topsy turvy. It will make your trek progressively productive.

How can I book this helicopter pick up and drop service?

You can book the flight just with us whenever anyplace. We engineer standard helicopter flights from Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu and Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp. You simply need to give the subtleties of you and your group (on the off chance that you are in the gathering) to us, and we will oversee everything required. If you need a gathering joining of the flight, by then we need to discover more voyagers to fulfill the seat of 5 pax in the helicopter. It may require some additional time as well. You can book authorize helicopter flight (private helicopter flight) too, which will move according to your interest and supplication. You can get in touch with us in our contact data given immediately in our snappy contact for booking segment. Additionally, you can book the trek from our flight segment alluded to underneath.

Is helicopter rescue service provided from Everest Base Camp?

In case you are in salvage required position, we will unfailingly be there in aid for you. You just essential to call us and we will reach whichever point you are in Everest Base Camp or at some different regions of Everest. We will shield you and exchange you to the spot where your wellbeing condition and different troubles will be significantly dealt with.

How long does it take to reach Kathmandu from Everest Base Camp?

It takes around 1 hour 35 minutes to reach Kathmandu from Everest Base Camp via helicopter flight. It is the timing that includes landing phase too.

How long does it take to reach Lukla from Everest Base Camp?

It takes around 50 minutes to reach Lukla from Everest Base Camp via helicopter flight. It is the timing that comprises flight landing too.

Does helicopter fly every day from and to Everest Base Camp?

Yes, the helicopter flies every day from and to Everest Base Camp for this helicopter pick up and drop off service.

Feel free to contact us anytime anywhere. We are just one call away from you. Contact us and make your helicopter pickup and drop off service more prolific.

Rated 5/5 based on 6 reviews
  • Best Pickup and Drop-off between Kathmandu and EBC

    Best Pickup and Drop-off between Kathmandu and EBC


    I made two bookings for the same day. One for the ride to the Base Camp and another for returning back after a few hours! It was definitely a worthy and perfect decision for me. I enjoyed the base camp and explored it in my own way. The helicopter was comfortable and has mesmerizing views of the snow peaks and the mountain valleys from the left-hand side. Nepal Trek Adventures provided the best and secured booking service for the helicopter ride for me, which arrived at the exact time as it was mentioned. I highly recommend the NTA team for a pick-up drop-off service between Kathmandu and Everest Base Camp.

  • Perfect Timing for KTM to EBC Heli Ride

    Perfect Timing for KTM to EBC Heli Ride


    I was waiting for responses from many travel agencies for my Everest Base Camp drop-off ride. The Nepal Trek Adventures was the fastest to confirm my booking. They helped me set up my gears and helped me reach the base camp very easily. I had set the date to climb Everest and was worried that I would miss it. But due to Nepal Trek Adventures, I had a comfortable ride to reach the base camp with no hassle at all. I roamed around the base camp. It was the perfect feeling as I was on the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. I successfully completed the helicopter ride and exploration. Thank you, NTA for being there when I needed help. Highly recommend this company to all!

  • Surprise Meeting with friends in the Everest Base Camp

    Surprise Meeting with friends in the Everest Base Camp


    My friends had gone trekking in the Everest Base Camp. Their travel agency the Nepal Trek Adventures had arranged them the trekking itinerary to reach the base camp. It was one of my friends' birthday, so I decided to surprise him. However, I didn’t know it was difficult to book the helicopter ride to the Everest. After trying for hours myself, I decided to contact the same travel agency (NTA) and told them the whole story. The NTA was very cooperative and helped me to confirm my booking with a helicopter. I reached the EBC just on time and gave him the BIG surprise. I could look happiness and rolling tears from his eyes seeing me. I also booked for a reverse trek from the same company so it was possible for me to get back with my friends. Absolutely loved the Heli ride to Everest! The views are surreal and startling. Definitely a must-visit destination! Prescribed one!

  • Simple and Time Efficient Heli Pick Up and Drop Service

    Simple and Time Efficient Heli Pick Up and Drop Service


    We wanted a quick journey to the Everest Base camp. We had another trip where we would walk back to Lukla with the local guide. We did not want to do too much uphill but downhill was not much a problem for us. So, we decided to do the Everest Base Camp Trek in reverse. So I booked my helicopter ride to base camp with the Nepal Trek Adventures. It was confirmed very fast and I had no problems along the trip at all. We enjoyed a comfortable trek back to Lukla with astonishing memories of the surrounding views of the mountain and the locals. Just took the easiest way, going through the helicopter ride! It was simple, time-efficient and highly recommendable.

  • Easy ride to Kathmandu from Base Camp

    Easy ride to Kathmandu from Base Camp


    I had just finished my base camp trek and I didn’t want to walk back all the way to Lukla for a flight. Fortunately, I had already informed my guide about it and the team helped me with all my booking formalities. My ride was on time and I easily got back to Kathmandu. The sky views back from the helicopter were amazing and I was really satisfied with my trip to Kathmandu from the Base Camp, as well as the whole trekking part. It was like having a cool beer after days of hard work. Too refreshing! Nepal Trek Adventures, the best agency for booking both the treks and helicopter ride in Nepal!

  • EBC Trek with Helicopter Flight to Kathmandu:

    EBC Trek with Helicopter Flight to Kathmandu:


    I was in the Himalayan lap enjoying the panoramas, after finishing my Everest Base Camp Trek. my other team members were encouraged to trek back to Lukla and then come to Kathmandu. But I did not have that much courage. I was suffering from some minor health problems, that was leading me to take a chance of helicopter flight to Kathmandu. I had primarily heard about the helicopter tour provided by NTA. It suddenly came in mind. I consulted with my guide and then he arranged this helicopter tour. I reached back to Kathmandu in just 45 minutes time span. It was the most amazing trip. It would have been more too, but due to my health, it was limited to that level of satisfaction. No worries. I will return back to Nepal, and at that time, I will surely summit the mountain. Company services and guide Shiva were incredible though. I will surely return to you for more tourism facility in Nepal, guys. Love you all.

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