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    SilviaSpain,August 02, 2017

    Annapurna Circuit Trek 14 days

    I had booked an Annapurna circuit trek with Nepal trek adventures which is one of the best trekking agency of Nepal. The facilities, services, and guidance provided by them were more than awesome. Binod Sapkota, the managing director himself was our guide who is so experienced, friendly and highly informative about Annapurna region. I got to know about all the mountains, their names, and history which also increased my knowledge level. along with the gain of knowledge, I got to view the beautiful villages, massifs, flora fauna, cultures and traditions, the lifestyle of people, and among all, I got a new friend in Nepal, My. Sapkota. Highly recommend for Binod and his team.

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    Kyohel MitazakiJapan,July 20, 2017

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Review

    The Manaslu circuit trek was wonderful which i enjoyed a lot and I would highly recommend doing this tour to everyone at least once a lifetime, with non-other agencies but with Nepal Trek Adventure. The scenery of the area along with the path was great, the hiking through the forests, steep land and some plains were interesting. It was less crowded landscape was amazing and on the other hand, the cultural exposure of the place was very nice. I had a good experience with the guide provided to me and people of Nepal were very welcoming with ever green smile on their face.

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    Sara OolMalaysia,July 13, 2017

    Manaslu Region Trekking

    The Manaslu Circuit trek was full of fun with the fantastic view of the Himalayas and exceptional landscape which were as beautiful as heaven. People were so nice and friendly. Your country is really a gift from God which is so natural and untouched and feels like you came to heaven. Thanks to Mr. Binod and his team who made our trip successful and meaningful. I strongly recommend Nepal Trek adventure if you are thinking or planning of going to naturally Nepal.

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    Omer OzgerAustralia,July 12, 2017

    Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Trek

    With the help of an amazing person, Binod and his team, I completed my Annapurna Base Camp trek without any difficulty. I enjoyed all the steps we took on the divine land. The group formation was also awesome, all the members were amazing. They used to talk much because of which also tiredness and exhaustiveness did not come on our way. Thank you, Binod for maintaining such a good team leadership and cooperation. You just made my trip amazing and mesmerizing. Highly recommended!!!

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    DanielSpain,May 17, 2017

    manaslu trek 12 days

    I arrived at Kathmandu with no knowledge of Trekking to Manaslu region but a real thanks to Nepal Trek Adventure who arranged everything needed for this trek in short period of time. I had a lot of fun in this trek along with my guide Rajan and other local people who were so friendly out there in that such a vast landscape of Nepal. I recommend Nepal Trek Adventure for every individual to accomplish trekking as they are professional as well as friendly at the same time. I had a good time there in Nepal where I enjoyed Nepali culture and explore many places in both day and night time.

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    AvantikaUnited Arab Emirates,May 09, 2017

    Can't imagine such a luxury lodge are built on that height

    It's not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way. Our destination was Everest Base Camp along with the rocky landscape, Kalapatthar. Reaching the destination was what we wanted at first but after getting known to the agency and its team, we found the journey equally beautiful. They answered all our questions, showed us all the places and described all the aspects so fluently that we flew away with happiness like a butterfly. They didn’t let us feel like we were far away from home. The services and hospitality provided by them were out of this world, I mean they were too good. I wish I get more chance to visit Nepal and explore its beauty. And surely, Nepal Trek Adventure will be my first choice. Yeah, I can say this because they made my luxurious trek such a grand that it is always coming in my mind, my dreams and everywhere I go. Haha, I am also afraid of getting hallucination of having our managing director Binod and guide (Bijay) somewhere, which seems really funny, right? Anyways, I heartily thank you for all the things that you have done for me in Nepal. Thank you! Thank you so much! Will never forget you in my entire life. Lots of love, Avantika.

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    SimoneGermany,April 18, 2017

    Reserved Luxury Hotels during EBC Trekking

    The term luxury itself comes with the satisfaction. This luxury trek to Everest was new to us but we wanted to try it and finally went for it with one of the renowned trekking agencies in Nepal, Nepal Trek Adventure. We went to the place where everyone wants to go at least once in lifetime i.e. Everest Base Camp. Its one the most beautiful places on this planet but as usual all good things have flaws, it also has one which is the limited facilities. But this luxury trek provided us all the required facilities and services that we wanted and needed. We got to experience the beauty of mother nature with such ravishing luxurious way. Thankyou Nepal Trek Adventure for making it possible.

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    Yusaku KawabataJapan,April 12, 2017

    Well Managaed Everest Base Camp Trek

    Dear NTA team, the reminiscences you gave me could never be forgotten. The trail was very tough but NTA kept on encouraging me for every further step. The enthusiasm in your team would inspire anyone to go further in every path with charming behavior. I would have lost my hope before the completion of the trek without you. I could miss a lot of adventures and the scenic beauty and the majestic views of hundreds of mountains if I gave up. The trip was more than adventurous. You taught the lesson for a lifetime.