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    Vchihira TabashiJapan,October 07, 2017

    Mardi Himal Short Trek Best Price

    We (me and my husband) had lots of plans on our list, and visiting Nepal was also one of them. We searched for cheaper and faster trekking route in Nepal and got to know about Mardi Himal Trek provided by Nepal Trek Adventure, which was for just 5 days. Also, we had the option of extending the trek. We were time bounded so we decided to keep it up to 5 days only. We booked the trip and reached Nepal a day before our trek started. Binod (MD of the company) himself came to receive us in the international airport and transferred us to the hotel. Next day we took flight for Pokhara, reached there and started our journey. We enjoyed the trek a lot. The place was fully covered with the snowcapped landscape, mountains, small ponds and cascades, green forest and so on. It was one of the best places to visit in the Annapurna region of Nepal. We had the hangover of the place for so long after we returned back to our country. It was one of the best experience of our life. Also, thank you Nepal Trek Team for making this trip worthy and far more beautiful than expected.

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    Benjamin StarkGermany,October 01, 2017

    Experience of Bhutan Encompassed Tour

    Wow, was für ein großartiger Ort IST Bhutan. Die Leute haben es früher schön, liebenswert und viele Spitznamen genannt. Aber ich glaubte ihnen nicht, bis ich es allein sah. Ich machte eine umfassende Tour nach Bhutan, die drei große Städte Bhutans wie Paro, Thimpu und Punakha umfasste. Die Klöster, Pässe, die Landschaft und die zuvorkommende Bevölkerung waren einfach unglaublich. Diese Reise hat gerade mein Leben mit seiner immergrünen natürlichen, historischen und künstlerischen Schönheit geprägt. Pagodenartige Tempel und Grafschaften verleihen der Schönheit zusätzlich Glanz. Wenn ich die Chance bekomme, werde ich in meinem Leben noch einmal dorthin reisen. Vielen Dank auch an Nepal Trek Adventure und das dazugehörige Team, dass Sie während der gesamten Reise ein hervorragender Begleiter sind.

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    Sasson DarelIsrael,September 20, 2017

    Worth it Choosing Deluxe Trekking Packages

    Offseason trekking is something that most people don’t prefer, but I, as always wanted to do something new and unexpected. I planned my trip to Everest in the month of February which is not a season for going on this trek. I searched for many trekking agencies and during searching, I found the name of Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition in the list for having luxurious trek. I contacted them and talked to managing director, Mr. Binod. After talking with him, I planned to go for this trek. I reached Kathmandu airport in the time I gave them. They came to receive me and transferred me to the destined hotel. After all the preparations, I went to the further trekking with our guide Binod himself. He gave all the information about the places and mountains we see. He also made me known about local religions, traditions, and lifestyles of native; the Sherpa. All the facilities provided were superb and amazing. The hotels they had booked, the camps they had set, all the accommodations and ordered foods were damn good. They actually set the level of facilities that should be provided. I wish to explore Everest region once again with Nepal Trek Adventure. If anyone asks me about the best trekking agencies in Nepal, I will surely give the name of Nepal Trek Adventure immediately. Highly recommended!!!

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    Trolivel SylvieFrench Guiana,September 15, 2017

    Manaslu Circuit Trek in Best Cost

    I was recommended the name of Nepal Trek Adventure by one of my friends who took their service last year for going to trek to The Everest. According to her, they were really experienced and well organized maintaining this trekking company at certain level. I did Manaslu Circuit Trek with them having an owner Mr. Binod as our guide and he was excellent. The politeness, welcoming and friendly nature of him and welcoming smile of Nepalese people around the territory made my trip more amazing and happy which I literally enjoyed. Nepal Trek Adventure itself is well established. Caring and helpful staffs took care of us in every part of our trip which made our trip most memorial of the year.

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    Kate Ross DanUnited Kingdom,September 14, 2017

    Mardi Himal is a Beautiful Trekking

    Well, Mardi Himal is honestly a gorgeous place to trek over. Seems like nature showered a lot of blessings in this area. The closed view of mountains and beautiful views of greenery and rhododendron forests attracts the adventure seeking humans like us. I had already been in Nepal for trekking but this time was best one because I chose Nepal trek adventures as my supporter. And yeah, they were really supportive and gentle making my journey more comfortable and smooth. I would highly recommend Nepal trek adventure for Mardi Himal 5 days trek.

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    Ayumi SakataIreland,September 12, 2017

    Life Time Experience of Everest Three Passes Trek

    Thank you is just a small word in front of the warm services you provided us. We were in a great dilemma before coming to Nepal about the difficulties we would have to face during the trek in Nepal. But the trek went so well. We did not expect such smooth trek and such friendly environment. But Nepal trek adventure made it all possible for us, giving a lifetime memorable trek. We enjoyed a lot during the Everest three passes trek due to the team provided by NTA. The team created a secure and friendly environment and took care of us in each step of the trek. Hope to see you again NTA.

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    Notima RyoJapan,August 08, 2017

    Annapurna Base Camp by Helicopter

    Last year I had an accident because of which I was paralyzed and was not able to move either. I was so depressed because of that which led me to the psychiatrist. I get treatment as well. After 9 months I was able to communicate well. Then my parents took me to Nepal seeking for Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. After few treatments in a natural way, I started feeling ok. To make me feel better, my parents had booked a helicopter tour to my dream destination, Annapurna Base Camp with Nepal Trek Adventure. For this trip, we moved to Pokhara and met the team. From there, we moved to the base camp on flight enjoying the scenic beauty of Nepal. Seeing the beauty from the top of base camp changed my perspective of vision. My hope of living and exploring was increasing slowly. This was made possible by my parents and of course the team of Nepal Trek Adventure. Thank you all of you for this huge change in my life. Heartly, thank you so much and I promise Mr. Binod, I will meet you and plan trips with you and your team, whenever I will visit Nepal again.

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    WaldemarDenmark,August 08, 2017

    Well organized trek to Everest Base Camp

    Traveling to the country like Nepal, observing its beauty on the internet, was a dream and finally, it came true with Nepal Trek Adventure (NTA) Team. The most important and attractive jewel of the country and the whole world is Mount Everest and one of the most influential treks toward the region is Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek to Everest Base Camp was completed by me with superficial NTA team. All the places that you showed during the time of Everest Base Camp Trek were totally awesome and heart-binding. The beauty of Nepalese Himalaya fully blew my mind. Really guys, along with the natural beauty, the services and facilities provided by you and by all the places where we stayed with the team were so good. It was my lifetime opportunity and you made it more beautiful with all your efforts and elevating attempts. Thank you all. See you soon!