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    ReggieUnited Kingdom,October 10, 2022

    EBC short trek

    We chose NTA to plan and carry out our EBC short trek. In helping us get ready for the walk, Mr. Binod was a huge assistance. We met our guide Shiva when we got there. Our guide made sure we were moving at the proper times to walk in the dry with the finest views, so we were really lucky with the weather for our flights and vistas. Our guide Shiva recognized our limitations and we were able to finish the 7-day walk in just 5 days, up and down. It's a dream trip, therefore I wish we could have stayed here longer! I cannot emphasize how much I suggest this, and if you want to be amused by a knowledgeable and skilled person, ask for Shiva!

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    CelinTurkey,October 09, 2022

    short climb to Mera Peak

    It was amazing short climb to Mera Peak with Nepal Trek Adventure from Khare to the summit. Despite how challenging the hike was, we thoroughly enjoyed it and were in awe of the magnificent views.

    We loved working with Mr. Binod Sapkota and the NTA Team, and we look forward to working with them again when we return to Nepal to climb another peak.

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    BenjaminUnited Kingdom,October 09, 2022

    Best solo opportunity to trek to Annapurna base camp

    I recently finished the NTA's Annapurna Base Camp trek. Although I travel alone, I thought that this expedition required the assistance of an expert. These long days are better spent traveling alongside someone.
    I reserved it with NTA. This excursion was made a hundred times better by their helpfulness and knowledge. The hike itself was thrilling enough, and on top of that, my guide was aware of how smoothly things were moving along.

    This journey was remarkable because of the stunning vistas of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and a few other peaks. The base camp itself offers the best vantage point. Thank you for giving me the best solo opportunity to trek to Annapurna base camp.

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    WilliemNetherlands,October 07, 2022

    six-day Helambu trek

    I simply adore visiting Nepal. I have visited this nation over the summer vacations. This time, I wanted something straightforward, short, and near to Kathmandu, the country's capital. The six-day Helambu trek was the best option. I really enjoyed the entire route as it was filled with waterfalls, mountain valleys, unique cultural experiences, and glimpses of developing communities. Trails through the rhododendron, oak, and pine-filled Sundarijal forest served as enjoyable adventure destinations. I select NTA for all of my travels. They are really helpful and provide the best customer service. Thanks, NTA for your cooperation

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    EmilyAustralia,October 07, 2022

    the best Khare to Mear peak climb

    Nepal Trek Adventure has made it possible for us to travel to Nepal and reach the top of Mera Peak. We had a lot of fun. From the beginning, our guide was really helpful. Before the trip, communication was accessible, and everything was ready for us when we got there. They were also incredibly adaptable. In our situation, we hired a guide to take us from Khare to the peak of Mera rather. Everything went without a hitch, and our guide was quite friendly. 
    This was definitely the best Khare to Mear peak climb.

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    HenryUnited Kingdom,October 07, 2022

    A short trek to Everest Base Camp

    Three years ago, when Shiva was my guide for a short trek to Everest Base Camp, I chose Nepal Trek Adventures for the first time. I felt really at ease and in good hands because Shiva was so genuinely kind, amiable, and informed about the area. I made the decision to go back to Nepal again since I loved the vacation and the splendor of the Himalayas. To travel in a different region this time. Naturally, I decided to choose Nepal Trek Adventures as our new tour operator. Once more, this has been a wonderful experience.

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    KarinUnited Kingdom,October 06, 2022

    Nepal Everest Helicopter Tour

    The Nepal Everest Helicopter Tour was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. In both American and European nations, I had had helicopter tours. The price of a helicopter tour in Nepal is nothing in comparison to this. Getting a low-cost tour of Mount Everest from a mile away. Kala Patthar and the Everest View Hotel have stunning views of Mount Everest. eagerly anticipating the next time's helicopter tour of the Annapurnas. Neal Trek Adventure team, thank you for preparing this tour.

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    BrunoItaly,October 05, 2022

    short 4-day Khare to Mera peak

    Our journey to Nepal was the best experience. We decided to do a short expedition to the highest peak in Nepal, Mera Peak. we meet our guide at Khare and they helped a lot in preparing our gear and also provided us the important knowledge about the climb. This short 4-day Khare to Mera peak was tough but thrilling as well. We really enjoyed it and made the best experience of our life. All the credit goes to NTA for everything.