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    ZacharyUnited Kingdom,October 05, 2022

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek with NTA

    With our guide Shiva, we recently finished the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. One of their top guides was kindly provided to us by Nepal Trek Adventure. It was more than just an exciting experience to go on this 10-day trek with NTA team. The main objective was Annapurna Base Camp, and our guide took care of everything. Everything, from the menu to the accommodations, was well thought out. His command of the English language and demeanor toward our porter were outstanding.
    Our tour guide was a genuine, fun-loving individual who was excellent at his profession. All pick-ups and drop-offs of passengers and their belongings were managed by NTA. In this work, the company was by far the greatest.

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    IanSlovenia,October 04, 2022

    Amazing Helambu Trek

    Booking a trek with NTA was smooth and trouble-free. Mr. Binod made the entire journey very comfortable and easy from beginning to end. I made the amazing Helambu trek booking, and I came away from it with many priceless memories. The company's arrangements as well as the breathtaking scenery we saw on the trek really impressed me. I appreciate everything, NTA. Thank You.

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    NatashaUnited Kingdom,October 04, 2022

    Short Everest base camp trek package by NTA

    Since childhood, mountains and always fascinated me so much. Now I got a chance to fulfill my dream and explore the mountains. I went to Nepal for business and after completing my work there. I had a week spare. so I decided to explore the Himalayas. After surfing a lot on the internet, I found a short Everest base camp trek package by NTA which was perfect for me due to my limited time in Nepal.
    After contacting them and starting the journey, felt like I was in heaven. Through out your trek, you will see beautiful white mountains and pass through lush green forests covered with red rhododendron flowers. The vibrant colors slitting all over make it even more beautiful. Everything was perfect and the best part of this trek was the close-up view of Mount Everest and the aerial view of the mountains and surrounding peaks. Thanks, NTA for the best trek and your support. Strongly appreciated and recommended 

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    RobinSwitzerland,October 03, 2022

    A short heli tour from Kathmandu to Dingboche

    RecentlyRecently, we did a short heli tour to Dingboche from Kathmandu, which was an amazing experience as we got a chance to explore the Everest region and mountains in a short time. Thank you, NTA, for this fantastic short heli ride from Kathmandu to Dingboche.

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    SamuelUnited Kingdom,October 03, 2022

    Recommendation of an Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour

    It had always been a dream of mine to hike in the Everest region. Since I have work to finish while I am in Nepal for two weeks. Also, the time limitations make trekking impossible. So I went with the NTA team's recommendation of an Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour. I was able to view Mount Everest from the helicopter within a day thanks to the arrangements made by NTA.

    After taking the heli tour to EBC, my dream came true, and the entire NTA Team deserves thanks for that. Strongly recommended company

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    OliverNew Zealand,October 02, 2022

    helicopter flight from Tengboche to Kathmandu

    My companion became ill while returning from the hike, so she booked a helicopter ride from Tengboche to Kathmandu. It was simple and comfortable with NTA. I appreciate NTA setting up the immediate helicopter flight from Tengboche to Kathmandu.

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    DiegoMexico,October 02, 2022

    Helambu trek with NTA

    We recently finished this Helambu trek with NTA, and it was an unforgettable journey. This six-day trek included stunning mountain landscapes, well-known monasteries, traditional Hyolmo culture and artifacts, exotic flora and animals, rivers, streams, and many other wonders. The trek was amazing in every aspect. NTA performed the trek's arrangements flawlessly. Highly recommended.

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    AdamUnited States,October 01, 2022

    Everest base camp heli tour

    The Everest Base Camp Heli Tour was absolutely ideal. Throughout my vacation and tour to Nepal, the NTA Team expertly coordinated everything I did, and everything was organised perfectly. Thank you very much for providing me with such excellent service. Every cent I spent was worthwhile. The Himalayan Mountains' magnificence, the snow-capped mountains' panoramas, and the breathtaking views of the Himalayan Ranges were all worth it.

    Everything I could see from where I was was stunning. I long to stay in those Nepalese villages and mountains. I wish to travel to Nepal more because it has become my ideal country. I appreciate the candour with which you handled the tour planning. I'll investigate Nepal more.