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    EmmaDenmark,September 21, 2022

    Annapurna base camp trek with NTA

    We did this Annapurna base camp trek with NTA, which was fantastic. We did this trek with people. This was a perfect trek for them as they could explore the Himalayas by trekking and also enjoy the aerial view of the surroundings while returning. Even after returning, they were full of energy, which was good for us. Thank NTA for the arrangements

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    DmitriRussian Federation,September 21, 2022

    our short heli-tour to Mount Everest base camp

    My best friend and I had a great time during our short heli-tour to Mount Everest base camp. After a long time, we were finally able to spend quality time together. The company's management of the helicopter tour to the Everest base camp was faultless. Everything was handled very expertly. The finest place to get a close-up glimpse of the mountains and their breathtaking environs was when we landed at Kala Patthar. We are grateful to NTA for making our experience the best and most memorable.

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    HendrikNetherlands,September 20, 2022

    The heli flight to Everest base camp

    It felt so good to return to Nepal after being away for several months due to pandemics. The best tour to enchantment was the heli flight to Everest base camp. My little vacation, which included a helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp, was incredibly enjoyable. Many thanks to NTA for this amazing opportunity.

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    Maria SantosBrazil,September 19, 2022

    A helicopter tour of the Everest base camp

    I contacted Nepal Trek Adventure after watching a helicopter tour of the Everest base camp on YouTube. They promptly replied to my email and answered all of my questions. I then took a helicopter tour to Mount Everest, which was an incredible experience. The short trip to Everest was unique. It was a wonderful experience to have in the highlands.

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    Lana KellerSwitzerland,September 19, 2022

    Helicopter to Everest base camp

    All vacationers should choose Nepal Trek Adventure because of its professionalism. My family and I took a trip by helicopter to Everest base camp. My satisfaction with their plans was complete. They did a fantastic job planning our helicopter excursion. My younger daughter was ecstatic, and the vista from Kala Patthar was breathtaking. The view of the mountains up close was unique. We were in awe of its beauty. For our family, this helicopter tour of Everest base camp was perfect.

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    EddaTurkey,September 19, 2022

    Everest base camp trek

    Everest base camp trek is the finest trek that offers a stunning view of Mount Everest and its surrounding peaks. we did this trek with our family member and it was the best trek of our life. All the arrangements were done perfectly. We didn't have to worry about the arrangement so throughout the whole trek we enjoyed the beauty of the Himalayas. Thanks, NTA for this fantastic Everest base camp trek.

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    GabrielItaly,September 18, 2022

    a helicopter tour of Nepal's Everest base camp

    The most exciting and short heli experience of your life is a helicopter tour of Nepal's Everest base camp. Amazing views could be seen from the top. We truly loved our day-long heli-tour of the Himalayas.

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    HansNorway,September 17, 2022

    affordable Everest base camp trek package

    The EBC Trek was planned with NTA last fall. The trip was fantastic, with breathtaking views of the towering mountains. We appreciate the assistance from the NTA staff. Additionally, our guide was always willing to explain the unique culture of Nepal. We had a great time on our hike and made a lot of lovely memories that we will always cherish. We appreciate NTA for setting up an incredible, affordable Everest base camp trek package for us.